Ubicomp Lab is involved in the following projects:

  • Mobile-Based Care for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Remote Experience Sampling Method (mCARE), NIH (PI)
  • Breast Cancer Palliative Care, IBCRF, USA (PI)
  • —Cross Sectional Study, IBCRF, USA (PI)
  • —Tele-opthalomology, HWPP (Co-PI)
  • —Smoking Cessation, NIH R01 (Co-PI)
  • —Self Management, NIH R01 (Co-PI)
  • —Physical Activity Monitoring, NIH pilot (Co-PI)
  • —iPeer: Risky Behavior Analysis for Veterans, HWPP (Co-PI)
  • —mPeer, PI, Risky Behavior Analysis for Veterans, CTSI (Co-PI)
  • —Accessibility, NIDDR (Co-PI)
  • —Autism Spectrum, CTSI (Co-PI)
  • —Music Intervention for Dementia Patients (Co-PI)
  • —iEngage, Community Engagement (PI)
  • —Elderly Care in Taiwan (Co-PI)
  • —Localization and Elderly Care in Large Settings (Co-PI)