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Ubicomp Lab Featured on WISN News

A collaboration between Ubicomp Lab, the Dryhootch Project and the Medical College of Wisconsin was recently presented on WISN (Channel 12 News).  The project featured was a smartphone application designed to help identify problems veterans may be facing after returning to civilian life.

The article explains the application as follows:

“Engineers at Marquette University partnered with Dryhootch and the Medical College of Wisconsin to create a smartphone app that will help reach military veterans on their level. It is being designed to ask daily questions that can help an assigned human mentor spot issues early on.

“We needed to develop something where we talk to them in their own language,” Reynolds said.

She said the group’s mission is to create an app that can reach a veteran 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Zeno Franco of the Medical College and Dr. Iqbal Ahamed of Marquette University are working on the project.

“It’s the technology, plus the Dryhootch run Pure Mentor Program brought together in a single package, and we think that’s a much more powerful approach,” Franco said.”

A video and full article relating to this project can be found here.