Monthly Archives: August 2012

Farzan Rahman

  • In general, her primary research area is Security and Privacy of RFID and Computational RFID systems. Over the last four and a half years, she has developed various protocols to address the security and privacy vulnerability of current and next generation RFID systems (Computational RFID Systems). Her research proposals include various authentication protocols to solve the DoS attack in Computational RFID and general RFID networks, increase efficiency in RFID based supply chains, improve reliability and security in Computational RFID based assisted environments, preserve user privacy and maintain scalability issues in RFID based healthcare systems and develop secure distributed architecture for RFID based track and trace systems. She is also interested in designing protocols and models for Data retrieval in RFID systems.
  • Her research interest also includes Trust and Privacy in Pervasive Computing, Security of Wireless Sensor Networks, and Green Computing.
  • She also works on designing Secure Healthcare Systems for Pervasive environments and developing mobile healthcare applications (especially in Android platform).
  • She has recently started to investigate research problems on Secure Human Computer Interaction and Online Social Networks (OSN). Currently she is investigating the underlying user psychology for various Communication and Interaction patterns of OSNs using crawled dataset collected from social networks.

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