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Ubicomp Lab Nominated for Best Paper at Pervasive Health 2014!

Ubicomp Lab members Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Ferdaus Kawsar, Mohammad Adibuzzaman and Ubicomp Lab alumni Md Uddin and Munirul M. Haque were nominated for a Best Paper Award at the 2014 Pervasive Health Conference for their work Findings of Mobile based Palliative Care System: Towards a Generic Framework for Measuring QoL.”  Congratulations!

PerCom 2014 was held in Oldenburg, Germany and was sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the Association for Computing Machinery.

Ubicomp Lab wins Best Paper at RACS 2013!

Ubicomp Lab members Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Ferdaus Kawsar, Niharika Jain, Mohammad Adibuzzaman and Ubicomp Lab alumnus Munirul M. Haque have been awarded the Best Paper Award of the 2013 Research in Adaptive and Convergent Systems (RACS) Conference for their paper “Towards in situ affect detection in mobile devices: a multimodal approach.”  Congratulations!

RACS 2013 was sponsored by ACM SIGAPP and held in Montreal, QC, Canada.


Ubicomp Travels to AMCIS 2014!

Lab member Ferdaus Kawsar recently received a travel grant towards attending the 2014 Association for Information Systems Conference (AMCIS), located in Savannah, Georgia.  This year, the theme of the conference is smart and sustainable information systems technology.

He will be presenting a paper entitled “Barriers for Breast Cancer Patients in Rural Bangladesh: Design and Deployment of a Mobile based Solution.”

Ubicomp Lab Member Receives Jobling Fellowship, Teaching Assistant of The Year Award

Lab member Jahangir Alam Majumder has recently received the Jobling Fellowship ($800) in recognition of his fantastic performance during the 2013-2014 school year from the Department of Math, Statistics and Computer Science at Marquette University.

In addition, Jahangir has also received the 2013-2014 Teaching Assistant of The Year Award, also presented to him by the department.

Congratulations, Jahangir!

Visiting Denver for ICOST 2014

Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed and three members of Ubicomp Lab (Ferdaus KawsarNiharika Jain and Drew Williams) travelled to Denver, CO this past June in order to attend the 12th International Conference on Smart Homes and Health Telematics (ICOST 2014).

ICOST is an annual conference that serves to discuss the variety of issues surrounding intelligent home environments, and other assistive technologies.  Along with several presentation sessions, ICOST also includes a poster session, panels and a variety of fantastic plenary speakers.

Dr. Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed served on a panel entitled “Challenges in Conducting Research on Assistive Technology and Health Telematics.”  Drew Williams gave two session talks, “Agile Development for the Creation of Proper Human-Computer Interfaces for the Elderly” and “ShowMeHow: Using Smart, Interactive Tutorials in Elderly Software Development,” in addition to presenting a poster entitled “A Mobile Survey Tool for Smoking Dependency among Native Americans.”  Ferdaus Kawsar gave a session talk entitled “Remote Monitoring Using Smartphone Based Plantar Pressure Sensors: Unimodal and Multimodal Activity Detectors.”  Niharika Jain presented a poster entitled “iCanLearn: A Mobile Application for Creating Flashcards and Social Stories.”


Broadening Participation Workshop at Ubicomp 2014

Lab member Drew Williams has been accepted to this years’ Broadening Participation workshop, a part of Ubicomp 2014.  The workshop seeks to get underrepresented groups more involved in the field of ubiquitous computing.

As part of her acceptance, Drew has been awarded $1000 in travel funding, in addition to full conference and Broadening Participation Workshop registration.

Ubicomp Members Present at RESNA 2014

Two members of Ubicomp Lab, Md. Osman Gani and Drew Williams, travelled to Indianapolis, IN this June to present their research at RESNA 2014.

RESNA, the conference of the Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology Society of North America, is held annually with the aim of bringing together a variety of rehabilitation and assistive technology professionals.

Drew Williams presented two posters – “Towards a Smart System of Identifying Steps for Predicting Fall in People with Disabilities” and “Smartphone-based Light Intensity Calculation Application for Accessibility Measurement.”  Md. Osman Gani gave a talk at a platform session, entitled “An Approach to Complex Functional Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Technologies.”

Walking Forward Receives Grant for First Research Study Utilizing Mobile Devices in SD

Regional Health 

“American Indians cell phone usage is increasing and I am very excited to be the first in the region to conduct this type of research,” said Dr. Petereit. “We anticipate using the results from this study to help all populations that live in this part of the country.”

Dr. Petereit will collaborate in the study with Shalini Kanekar, Ph.D., Consultant, CCI; Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH; Linda Krebs, Native American Cancer Initiatives in Denver, CO.; Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Ph.D., from Marquette University in, Milwaukee, WI.; Mark Dignan, MPH, PhD, from University of Kentucky; and Stevens Smith, Ph.D., from the University of Wisconsin inMadison. Dr. Smith is a tobacco cessation expert and will serve as the consultant with the project.

“Dr. Petereit, his research team and, in particular, the American Indians and members of the community served by the Walking Forward Program have made and continue to make important steps in bringing improved cancer care to all Americans,” said Norm Coleman, M.D., Associate Director at the NCI. “Success in grant funding is a challenge, particularly so in the current tight budget climate, so this award demonstrates the superb quality of this team and community. It is a privilege for us at the NCI to be part of this effort.”

[iPeer Technology] CTSI mPeer project grant announcement

[iPeer Technology] CTSI mPeer project grant announcement

PI: Zeno Franco, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin
Co-PIs: Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, PhD, Marquette University; Jeffrey Whittle, MD, MPH, Medical College of Wisconsin/Zablocki VA Medical Center; Christina Eldredge, MD, Medical College of Wisconsin; Terri deRoon-Cassini, PhD, Medical College of Wisconsin; Bob Curry, Director, DryHootch of America

Veteran mental health is an increasingly significant national problem given the large number of returning veterans from the recent war in Iraq and continued military presence in Afghanistan. Consensus prevalence estimates suggest that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) impacts between 15-20% of the veteran population. Despite recent advances in evidence based care for PTSD undertaken by the Veteran Health Administration (VA), the disorder is typically chronic and treatment resistant. This pilot project will use a mobile health (mHealth) based behavioral informatics approach to detect high risk behavior using existing smart phone technologies. We will link this basic science effort to a community-based outreach program in Milwaukee capable of recruiting a non-clinical sample of veterans at likely to prospectively engage in high risk behaviors to obtain exploratory and confirmatory data set. This method will create a framework for a robust sociotechnical system capable of delivering personalized behavioral intervention for this population.

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